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Our Process


We Beat The Dirt Out!

Our Process

We specialize in traditional hand washing of heirloom quality and investment grade rugs. Before we begin, we inspect the rug for damage, potential problems like dye run,  insect issues like moths or any other concerns.  We then begin the six step process.

  1. BEAT: We use a special machine called the Rug Badger, that beats the back of the rug and knocks out or at least loosens the dirt trapped in the foundation. Even dirt and foreign material imbedded in the pile. (The Eureka Company did a study and found that a 9x12 could hide 8.7 pounds of dirt).

  2. SPOT TREAT: Next we pre-treat and address any spots or stains.

  3. CLEAN: Then we shampoo scrub the rug and the fringe using Orvus™ soap.  This cleans the rug and allows the rug to retain it's lanolin which gives it a natural luster.

  4. RINSE: Thoroughly rinse the entire rug

  5. EXTRACT: Extract the water from the rug and hang it in a de-humidified room to ensure a quick and safe drying process. 

  6. FINISHING TOUCHES: We inspect the rug and re-condition the pile by carefully brushing all of the pile in the proper direction.


Why Go Anywhere Else?

The regions best rug cleaning company!

Cleaning all Sizes from scatter to Palace size and everything in between. We literally beat the dirt out of your rug removing that stubborn dirt deep in the foundation.

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